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Cozy and a Little Stir-Crazy January 31, 2010

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Crossing the bridge this afternoon.

The official snow total is 8 inches.   Bill feels this is not accurate.  He believes it’s more like 10 inches.  Regardless….

There was very little outside time yesterday.  It was just too cold and windy.  The boys ventured out for a while, as only boys will do, but the rest of us chose to sit inside.  We baked a lot, read, knitted, watched a new season of The Andy Griffith Show, and just puttered around.  I sense many new ideas and projects were dreamed up yesterday. 

There is no way I can get my car out of the driveway, so I think we’ll be at home for at least another day.  A friend is supposed to plow our road/driveway this morning, so we’ll see how it goes.


Just some snow pictures January 30, 2010

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And a cherry pie, as well as some bread.


Getting Ready January 29, 2010

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For snow, that is.  Everyone is bustling about making preparations for the snow that is predicted to fall this evening.  House is clean, laundry is done (though it won’t stay that way for long), pantry is stocked, animals are snuggled in (can chickens be snuggled?), and lots of movies and craft projects ready to be taken advantage of.    We’ll keep you posted!


Squirrel! January 27, 2010

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Dinner. Yum.

As I type this, there is a squirrel sitting (laying?) in my refrigerator.  At Jack’s request, it is to be made into some delicious meal that we will all rave about.  He did, after all, bring home meat for his family.  Mighty hunter.  Problem is, every time I search for squirrel recipes I find myself laughing hysterically at the websites that post recipes for squirrel.  I really shouldn’t be surprised–I do live in the south.


Sarah, at 8 Months January 26, 2010

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This is from this morning.  Sarah is now 8 months old.  She crawls everywhere, loves to be outside, and enjoys taking books off the bookshelves around the house.  She’s eating food and loves cereal puffs.  When her hands aren’t occupied, you’ll find her sucking her right index finger (though the left one will do in a pinch!) while stroking my hair.  Her hair is growing in nicely, though it seems that it will be lacking in curl.  There are 3 and 1/2 teeth now.  She resembles a hillbilly just a bit.


Curse You, Ed Emberley! January 24, 2010

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Jon, displaying his goods.

We have this really cool book by Ed Emberley. It shows, step by step, how to draw nearly anything you could imagine. In our house, we imagine lots of ships, submarines, and airplanes. A certain young boy does not like to try his own hand at drawing so instead, he convinces those around him to do his bidding, or drawing in this case. For days now, we have all been drawing and telling how to spell words.  We’ve progressed from singular pictures to entire books.  With titles, captions, and by lines.


New Pillows January 21, 2010

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I’ve been meaning to stitch new covers for all of my living room pillows for a while now. Something more cohesive. Something matchy, matchy. With this cold, rainy weather forcing us inside, today was the day to start. And because I MUST finish what I start, the project was happily completed by noon. I rummaged through my fabric and uncovered some old (as in so old I wondered if it could be worth money) lace, a linen tablecloth, a thrifted curtain, and a few other odd and ends. I ended up with white/off white pillows that each have a personality of their own. Can a pillow have a personality? Very pleased with the results. They are all washable–a must for anything white in this house.