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Trouble February 24, 2010

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This is a new trick.  She pulls up on everything–even stuff that she shouldn’t pull up on.  Yikes.

Watching outside for Daisy the Dog.


#6 (or sixish) Weekend February 22, 2010

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WORST cake ever.

New baseball stuff.

The much-coveted aircraft carrier. His choice for the birthday money.

Yay, six!

New BB gun. He's really not shooting at Jack. I promise.

New quilt for his bed.

This Saturday was Jon’s 6th birthday. Six is a great age. Very independent, yet still little enough to be excited by new discoveries. Jon wanted to spend the day (and his birthday money) in Petersburg VA, a short 45 min. journey from our home. There’s a Target, a bookstore, a Toys R Us, and a Five Guys Burgers and Fries. What more could a six year old want?


Preparations February 19, 2010

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Tomorrow Jon turns six.  He informed me yesterday that when you’re a kid and it’s your birthday, you get to be in charge.  If you tell someone to do something, they have to do it.  Nice theory I think, whether you’re a kid or not.

There’s a horrendous cake to bake in the shape of a jet airliner.  About 23 pieces to cut out of a 9×9 square.  Each piece will be meticulously frosted, assembled into the puzzle that will be the jet airliner, and finally decorated with coconut and candy.  Not looking forward to this one.

Presents still need to be wrapped.  Decorations need to be hung.  Don’t you think 6 is a great birthday?  Little enough to be totally excited about the possibilities but big enough to actually enjoy the nuances of the festivities.

The weather is supposed to be just gorgeous this weekend.  In the upper 50’s and 60’s.  I can see a blanket spread out on the “grass” in my future.  A nice, long walk too.

A picture of the baby quilt I made for an acquaintance’s first baby.  Due on Jon’s birthday.  All reproduction prints.  When is that full moon?!


Jack the Baker February 18, 2010

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Yesterday, Jack asked when “someone” would be making the bread again.  Insinuating that it had been forever since we had fresh bread.  In reality, it had only been two days.  You see, I broke one of my bread pans and can only bake 1 loaf at a time now (until I find another pyrex pan) and we eat through it so fast.  So I told him to go to it.  He did a great job, though he kept asking if he could be finished with the kneading after 2 minutes.


A New and Different Household Appliance February 16, 2010

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Sarah, the human vaccum cleaner.


Any tiny bit of debris is instantly picked up and consumed.  Nothing is safe from the human vaccum.  Fuzz, food, paper, even ladybugs are no match for this machine.  Be sure to empty when you hear coughing or sputtering.


Mardi Gras!! Or Fat Tuesday, My Personal Favorite Name.

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After searching high and low for Mardi Gras beads, we finally just gave up.  Not a bead to be found in our area.  Here’s our plan to celebrate:

Donuts or Paczki for breakfast with cocoa and lots of whipped cream on top.  (for the record, Paczki is NASTY!)

A trip to the library and lunch at FV afterwards.  Do you think they’ll have a special Mardi Gras menu?  Probably not.  We’ll just follow up the bologna and hotdogs with some candy bars.  It is Fat Tuesday you know.

Pancakes for dinner tonight.  And fresh pineapple.  Maybe we’ll get totally wild and have soda with it.  Maybe we’ll have soda twice today.  We will pull out ALL the stops on this wild day of debauchery.


Today, Again. February 15, 2010

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Madeline reading.


Boys playing in their room.  "Quit banging!"

Sarah playing in the cupboard.


Just a rainy, dreary day.  All of the snow is melting away.  Not trying to rhyme on purpose.