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Jon Reads! February 4, 2010

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I generally believe that a delayed approach to formal schooling  is a better choice, especially for boys.  That said, I also believe that a child should lead the way to when academics are introduced as well as just how much information we as parents should be providing.  If a child asks to read, then by all means, give instruction to learn that skill.  However, if the child becomes overly frustrated, take a break and try again another time.  ( now if the frustration is more about being naughty than about not understanding the process, that’s a whole other issue!  Ask me how I know) 

So Jon (or Dan, as he now refers to himself) starts showing interest in writing and reading several months ago.  He loves to sit down and just write letters.  Lots and lots of letters.  A few weeks ago he starts asking how to spell words.  He now writes names, all sorts of words, and basic number equations.  He also was asking to read books by himself, so I started using this book.  I cannot say enough about how great I think it is.  I believe lessons should be made up of both sight words and phonetic blends and more importantly, I believe lessons should be short, to the point, and lacking dorky sentences about lots of fat cats who sit and run.  This book is just perfect!  I am so proud to say that it all clicked for Jon/Dan this week.  He has figured it out, though at the most basic level, and is off and running (or reading).


3 Responses to “Jon Reads!”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Yay! Don’t you just love watching them learn, especially when it is completely at their pace?

  2. Grandma Says:

    Bill says the goodnight gown is too boring for him. I think it is very cute.

  3. Jeanne Says:

    Terrific! Jon/Dan will be in a whole new world, and in his case, I can only imagine what world that will be. Fabulous.

    Now, I will say I once new a homeschooling mom who held a “burning” for the particular book you mention. It looked perfectly helpful to me, but then, I would have burned Saxon if I’d thought of it, and can’t bear to sell it to anyone for guilt of it possibly inducing the same misery we suffered. And plenty of people can’t say enough good things about Saxon.

    Doncha love homeschooling? Do what works. Stop doing what doesn’t work. Too much sense in that!

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