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Forecast: Snow February 5, 2010

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I think I might be getting tired of this.  Sure, I like the snow, but I don’t like Bill being out of work because of it.  Maybe just a little sun? 

After a funny little conversation with my 2 1/2 yr. old niece this past weekend, I was convinced that this little imp needed a new, pink “goodnight gown.”  ( is that the cutest word ever?)  Luckily I once had a little girl who swooned over pink and left me with a stash of wonderous pink fabric.  I spend the afternoon playing around with cuffs and making bias tape and creating adornments for this beauty of a gown. 

We love pink!

Yikes!  Very pink.  And no ruffles around the neck (it bothers her) per imp’s request.  Can’t see very well in the picture, but there’s a sweet little fabric flower attached to the neckline.  Sort of like a brooch.  A very fun project–can’t wait until Sarah is old enough to wear goodnight gowns.

I think we’re in for more bad weather so I believe we’ll be making a trip to the grocery store for provisions.  Probably a lot of baking and movie watching  for our weekend. 

Funny story I forgot to tell about:  Last weekend during the snow storm, I had several candles lit around the house.  As I was sitting in the living room knitting, enjoying the candlelight, I accidently set my knitting instructions too close to a candle.  Before I knew it, the instructions (only page two was ruined), Madeline’s beloved Rock and Roll Encyclopedia, and a few magazines were all aflame.  my hands were full of knitting and I couldn’t set it down for fear of losing my place so I hollered for help.  I must do that too often because no one came!  Finally Bill peeked his head around the corner to see what I needed and sprang into action.  I am now grounded from fire.


6 Responses to “Forecast: Snow”

  1. Grandpa J Says:

    Is the R&R encyclopedia OK?

  2. Lisa Says:

    I love the goodnight gown and I know Olivia will too! Actually, she’ll probably insist on wearing it night AND day! Thank you Aunt Julie!

  3. Madeline Says:

    Swooning’s pushing it, Ma. I haven’t worn pink in almost 4 years.

  4. Jennifer Says:

    The goodnight gown is adorable!

    I’m glad they grounded you from fire; my in-laws house burned down nearly four years ago. Everyone (including the cat they had to take out twice!) made it out just fine, but they lost a lot of things they’d like to still have and it was a HUGE headache for more than a year for them. With two tiny boys running around, we just don’t light candles here at all right now. When we get back to it, flames will only be in glass containers! We all learned a lot about fire from that experience…

  5. Jeanne Says:

    Scary Julie…

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