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Can’t Even Think of a Title for This Post February 10, 2010

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A little background info:  In rural, southern VA there is no garbage service.  Rather, a person is responsible for transporting their own refuse to one of several dumpsters in the area.  You can only imagine how nice these areas are.  At our house, whenever a bag of garbage is ready to be thrown out, I just set it outside the back door.  Bill usually grabs it on his way to work, disposing of it at the dumpster site.  Lately, something has been rifling through the bags, spreading nasty trash all over the deck and yard.  At first we figured it was our mangy cat.  But last night, we found the true culprit.  A ginormous opossum was camped outside our back door.  Just standing there eating garbage. 

Well, I did what any self-respecting woman would do–I grabbed a gun.  You see, Bill was holding Sarah, which left me as the only responsible opossum-shooting person in the vicinity.  Now don’t worry, it was only a BB gun, but still, I was armed.  I cornered the hissing creature (did I mention how big this thing was?) and fired off several shots.  Don’t think I even came close to hitting it and I even smashed my finger in the lever.  But still, I was making an attempt at killing the offensive, trash-eating opossum.  It might have been dinner had I been successful. 

Yes indeed, one of my proudest moments.


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