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Oh Yay! March 9, 2010

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We’re back online.  What a few weeks it’s been.  A dead computer, a broken car, a dog who is no longer with us, and the list goes on.  Yikes.  Maybe things will settle down now.

Gosh, we’ve had many adventures the past week or so.  First, we had to buy a new computer.  I hate spending money on things like that.  So frivolous, yet so necessary anymore.  And of course a new computer must have a new monitor.  And camera.  And new software. 

Sadly, our next adventure wasn’t much fun.  Poor Daisy Dog had to be put down last Saturday.  She was 10.  Not exactly sure what happened, but there was a degenerative issue that resulted in some paralysis.  Daisy Dog lived to run and chew sticks and she just couldn’t do it anymore.  It seems so strange to not have her lying on the front porch or running out to meet us when we get home from being away.  Sarah still crawls to the window and looks out while making her woof noise.  I almost cried while walking in the woods and finding Daisy prints still pressed into the mud.  Bill reminds me that we’ll finally be able to enjoy a thunderstorm (which we’re supposed to have at the end of the week) without crazed barking as an accompaniment.

The weather had been just gorgeous the last few days.  Warm, sunny, and starting to feel like spring.  We impulsively made a trip to Virginia Beach on Sunday.  Hadn’t ever explored that part of the state before.  And now I know why.  I don’t see a return trip in my future.  I guess the Oregon coast has spoiled us.  In Oregon, there is rugged, beautiful scenery, quaint little fishing towns, a smattering of kitschy beach stores, great restaurants and coffee shops, and ecclectic shops to peruse.  In Virginia Beach, it’s just full of trashy stores, dirt, and flat unispired beach views.  Call me a beach snob.  We did have a nice drive over and a nice walk along the beach.  No one got sick, hurt, and there wasn’t much fighting even. 

Baseball has started for the boys and Bill.  Jon is playing t-ball and Jack is playing Majors.  Bill is helping coach both teams.  Lots of practices and games in the future.

Sarah has quit taking a morning nap and is eating food.  She hates bananas and loves cereal puffs.  She pulls up on everything, shakes her head no, and claps.  Such a funny little thing.  Oh, and she gives kisses now.  Very slobbery, moist kisses.

Madeline is still reading her Encyclopedia.  A lot.  I think she’s the most happy about getting the new computer.  There might have been withdrawl. 

Enjoy the week!


2 Responses to “Oh Yay!”

  1. Nancy Says:

    So sorry about daisy. I hope the kids are doing well. I am glad your back, I’ve missed your voice!

  2. Madeline Says:

    You bet there was withdrawl! Do you realize how many CDs I need to buy? How many things I wanted to post on my blog? I’m surprised my I made it through the first few days!

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