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I Really Should Host a Show March 12, 2010

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You know how HGTV and TLC have room redo shows?  Like for $1000 dollars they redo an entire room.  I should host my own cheaper and faster version.  While the computer was down, Madeline and I redid her room.  We went from pink to blue, changed curtains, deleted a number of accessories, and added a few new items.  I believe the total spent was well under $50. 

You can see the color of the walls but not the bright yellow curtains or new pillows on the bed.  Stage 2 will include a new platform bed built by Bill.  Not sure when that will happen.  Madeline is excited to be rid of the pink.


2 Responses to “I Really Should Host a Show”

  1. Madeline Says:

    Me and pink do not mix anymore. For that matter, me, pink, and lots of hearts and butterflies do not mix anymore. Thus the reason the walls are now blue and are soon to be covered by numerous band posters.

  2. Grandma Says:

    I love changing the color of rooms. Everything seems new. Madeline’s room is very pretty I would like to see the bed when it gets done.

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