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Weekend Adventuring March 21, 2010

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Since baseball season is upon us, our weekends are usually pretty full now.  We do, however, try to leave Sundays unencumbered by activities in order to go adventuring.  Our favorite way to adventure is as follows:

Start the day with a nice, leisurely breakfast during which we decide on a tentative direction to set out.  Gather all necessary provisions (water, candy, diapers, knitting, iPods), buy a coffee on the way, and start the adventure.  Stop at any and all interesting shops or country stores along the route.  Get lost or turned around at least twice.  Eat a picnic of crackers, cheese, lunch meat and soda.  Find chocolate.  Eat all of it.  Repeat until we’re all completely tired and then come home. 

Today we ventured to a Civil War battle site–I know, shocking!  This one is http://www.stauntonriverbattlefield.org/index.html

There was a really great walking trail that followed the old railroad grade. 

The view from the bridge spanning the Staunton River.


The field where the actual battle took place.


Can you see the owl in the very center? He was so pretty, just sitting there watching us.


Sarah's first stroller experience. It was a success!


We had a remarkable time.  This was probably my second favorite adventure of all time.  The kids were so good, which certainly makes the whole experience all the better.  We met some interesting bikers (of the nonscary variety) who were able to give us some insider information (they were locals) on the area.  Even though we were only about an hour from home, we saw many places that had escaped our notice before.  I’m sure we’ll plan another trip once the trees all leaf out, but before the heat sets in.   

Bill is making our customary Sunday night dinner of cheese sandwhiches and popcorn.  I ripped out my knitting project and will hopefully decide on a new version (vest for Sarah) to cast on.  Lesson plans for school this week.  Living Easter baskets to plant.  And then baths and bed.  A lovely end to the weekend.


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