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The Thrifting Gods Were Generous Today March 23, 2010

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Since Jack and Bill have batting practice on Tuesday nights, the rest of us like to head to the local Goodwill.  Some of us like to look through all of the racks, some of us like to look for old records, and some of us just like to watch the cartoons on the crappy television sets for sale.  Tonight all of the planets were in alignment or there was good karma or something because I found some great things. 

Vintage Pyrex dish that I just happen to have the lid for. I broke mine (a gift from Grandma Barb) a year ago.


Really cute floral dishes. $.29 each! Enough for lunch.


New, with tags Christmas dress for Sarah. $.69


Adorable terry-lined tunic top for Sarah. Might even double as a dress. Also $.69.


Madeline found a Thompson Twins record for $.50.  I was informed by the Goodwill worker that the store will be raising prices at the end of the month.  Now baby clothes will be, gasp, $1.  I’m pretty sure we’ll keep going.


2 Responses to “The Thrifting Gods Were Generous Today”

  1. Grandma Says:

    Good haul! Bend Goodwill has not been living up to it’s people lately.

  2. Madeline Says:

    I still maintain that my greatest thrift store find was Sycronicity for $4.50. Either that or the U2 album.

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