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Piano Lessons March 24, 2010

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I’ve decided that the bigger kids need to learn to read music.  Madeline had a nice start with piano lessons from about 5 years until 7 years, but Jack has no experience.  I really think that music lessons are great for building thinking skills and for encouraging concentration and diligence.  I’m certainly not expecting any Mozarts, but I am hoping to create a lifelong appreciation for music and musicians.  Since I am an intermediate (at best!) pianist, I figure I can do the teaching for several years at least.  Might even make me start practicing again as well!

My piano. My Mom's piano. My Grandma's piano. Made its way across the country and still sounds lovely.

I’m even using my old piano books.  The fingers are a bit stiff these days and I’m not seeing notes as clearly as I used to, but that’s okay.


One Response to “Piano Lessons”

  1. Grandma Says:

    Both Grandpa and I wish we knew more about music. My parents could afford a baton but not a piano. We still have a guitar in the shop. I have been waiting for someone to use it

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