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More Weekend Adventuring. March 28, 2010

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Went on another adventure today.  Started at Charlotte Courthouse (it’s a town) to visit our favorite bookstore and gun store.  Sarah sat outside (with Bill) and played in the grass while Madeline and I looked for new books.  The boys meandered through the gun store, much to the dismay of the crabby gun shop lady.  Last time we visited, the shop worker was much more friendly and tolerant of little boys who like to look at guns. 

Next, we headed to Staunton River Battlefield (same as last weekend) to join in the Easter egg hunt.  Jon was a crazy egg-hunter.  He ran about 1/4 mile away from us, all the while picking up eggs and looking for the coveted golden egg (he didn’t find it).  Jack scoured the area after the hunt to be certain that all eggs were accounted for.

Jon, the egg hunter.

Sarah in the grass.

 There was a cool museum that had artifacts from the battle as well as information on the coal-burning electricity plant nearby.  Being from Oregon, I have no experience with coal power, so the information was interesting.  The power plant donated much of the land for the park surrounding the battlefield, as well as funding the development of the largest wetland in this part of the state.

After the hunt, we drove to Red Hill, the last home of Patrick Henry.  This was truly fascinating.  An informative and entertaining museum and walking tour of the house and grounds gave us all some new knowledge of Patrick Henry and his life.  For example, did you know that he died after consuming liquid mercury–on purpose?  He was terminally ill at the time and decided to end his life.  No one ever taught me that in school!  Had he not been in such poor health, it is suggested that Patrick Henry, not George Washington, would have been the first president of the US.

Red Hill.


Patrick Henry's grave.

A side trip to check out the newly built Amish barn (the old one burned) at our favorite Amish farm was our next stop.  We had a nice visit with the Amish lady who owns the farm, bought a few goodies for breakfast, and admired the many animals (baby chicks!) on the farm.

Pizza for dinner, gas for the car, and then the ride home while listening to a new book-on-tape about Greek myths.  Everyone was good, happy, and healthy.  Another succesful adventure.


One Response to “More Weekend Adventuring.”

  1. Grandma Says:

    I didn’t know Patrick Henry did that. That is awful.
    Mike’s blog is http://www.theteachinator.com. The boys will get a kick out of it. That’s all you need is more eggs. Looks like fun though.

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