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Master Sarah April 30, 2010

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An afternoon craft project April 28, 2010

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This is a link for how we spent yesterday afternoon, on Madeline’s blog.


Sarah’s latest trick April 27, 2010

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Green. April 21, 2010

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This is a picture from my favorite spot in our woods.  Just beyond our little path that leads to the creek, there is the most incredible patch of green.  Green ferns, moss, trees, and even the light looks greenish.  I’m always a little taken by surprise when I walk into the green. 


Oh Golly, What a Day! April 15, 2010

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We spent the day shopping.  Now that wouldn’t be such a big deal if we lived close to any sort of shopping and/or the shopping that needed to be done was an easy task.  And maybe if there were fewer participants to satisfy the needs of.  Exhausting.  We decided that this trip is part of the “getting in shape” we need for our upcoming cross-country trip.  We figure if we can make it an entire day out shopping, we can surely make it 7 hours in the air.

Since it takes about an hour to get to our nearest shoppable city, we left home when Sarah was sleepy.  A nice, quiet sleeping baby makes the trip so much more pleasant.  We shared “Soup for a Group” at Panera Bread–I made everyone drink water to save $.  Have you ever noticed just how expensive drinks are when you’re eating out?  It’s like they double the price of the meal.  Anyway, I’m cheap, so we drank water.  There is an Army fort, Fort Lee, in this city so there were tons of soldiery types all dressed in camo eating as well.  I think Jon was either mortified or excited.  He wouldn’t look at any of them or answer their questions, which were many, due to his quirky attire.  Sheriff badge, gun belt, gun, and hat.

We stocked up on shorts and shirts for the boys (and maybe just one little outfit for Sarah) at Once Upon a Child.  Certain boys are incredible picky about the color and length of their shorts.  Certain boys also tend to wear the exact two outfits, day after day.  Now we’ll add a few more to the mix.  Hopefully. 

Target was our next stop.  I dislike Target.  But they do carry the kids’ Omega 3 vitamins that we use, and chocolate was on sale.  I found a shirt, a pair of pants, and leggings, which Madeline informed me that I was NOT too old to wear.  We’ll see about that.  I also bought some Liberty of London brand office supplies.  Oh how I love new office supplies.  Anyone remember JK Gill in Lancaster Mall?  I loved shopping there.  All sorts of awesome pencils, erasers, bumpers, and paper.  So I’ll use these new items to organize my life.  Seriously, because I’m borderline OCD (maybe a tiny bit more than borderline) I cannot make chore lists or cleaning lists or anything like that because, come hell or high water, I WILL complete the list.  Nothing can stop me.  I’m no fun to be around when there’s a list.  But now I have pretty files to file stuff in.

 I have another picky shopper.  That’s Madeline.  She had an outfit in mind that she wanted to buy for summer.  Finding it was the problem.  And again, because I’m cheap, we couldn’t just buy the first option we found.  Problem with Madeline is she’s not experimental.  She doesn’t like to try something on that she hasn’t envisioned.  It takes much cajoling on my part to get her to try something new.  Old Navy offered nothing.  All of those mall stores that I can’t pronounce also offered nothing.  Except the boys giggled about the scantily dressed girls in the ads.  That’s another story–topless teens?!  Are you serious?!  We headed to Penneys.  Yay for Penneys.  Found just what we wanted for a great price.  Then to Sears.  Also, just what she was looking for at a great price.  My goodness, I’ve turned into my grandma!  I shop at Penneys and Sears.  Time to go home.

Last stop was Michael’s for yarn.  I’m making a knitted, then felted toadstool house for Sarah’s birthday.  Sort of like the Woodsy’s Loghouse of my youth.  It was my sister’s toy, but coveted by me.  It will have a handle so she can carry it, a removable top, and some sort of creature inside to play with. 

I’m thinking that I left out a few stops, but that was basically the entire day.  We ate leftovers for dinner, I had enough time to run before it got dark, and everyone was in bed early.  I think I’ll be taking a nap today.


Where We’ve Been April 13, 2010

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Playing piano and dancing.


Lemon cake with lemon filling and lemon frosting.


Chocolate chip cookies made with 3/4 of a bag of chocolate chips. Someone ate the other 1/4. I wonder who?


Quiche. Can you tell that my girls have been generous this week?


Someone is learning to ride his bike. That's a bike laying on the ground in front of the dinasaur egg.




We have 2 days without baseball games or practice this week.  Our evenings are just waiting to be put to good use–a walk, some fishing, maybe a little catch.  I cooked and baked all afternoon (hoping to use up the 3 dozen eggs I’ve managed to collect) with the hope that I won’t have to do any cooking tomorrow.  Madeline folded the laundry, Jack cleaned the chicken coop, and if someone vacuums tonight, we’ll be footloose and fancy free in the morning!


Yesterday April 4, 2010

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1 baseball game:

A really cute shortstop. And a pretty cute coach, too.


Easter eggs to color:

And a dead car (again!) to contend with.