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Jon’s First Game April 3, 2010

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Out the door early this morning for Jon’s first t-ball game.  Jack has practice too (at the same time, luckily).  Sweet boy woke up early, on his own, and got all ready by himself.  To say he’s excited is probably an understatement.  Not sure how he’ll do in the actual game though.  I was sure that there was not a gun or holster in the vicinity as he dressed so as not to be tempted to accessorize his uniform.

When Bill practiced with him last night, we were treated to a Jon-style baseball exhibition.  For example, as he ran the bases, he saluted the imaginary baseman at each base.  When he threw a ball into the ground, he explained that it was not a bad throw, but instead a  “Ninja throw.”  Rounding third, headed for home, he was pretending to smoke a cigarette while running.  And we don’t smoke!  It could definitely be interesting.  Madeline is just THRILLED to be going.


One Response to “Jon’s First Game”

  1. Madeline Says:

    Uh-huh. I just adore watching Jon play ball.

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