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Still Here. May 9, 2010

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We’ve been busy.  Not good busy, either.  There’s a kidney stone, abcessed tooth, and gremlined car at the root of all the trouble.  Thankfully, all questions have been answered now and it’s time to move ahead.  Bill might be a little hesitant, as that tooth is scheduled for some major injustice tomorrow afternoon.  Better stock up on the Advil–again.

For Mother’s Day, I asked that my refrigerator be cleaned out.  That is the chore that I detest the most.  Bill was gracious enough to fulfill my request. 

The weather is in a brief, cooler phase so Bill and I were able to walk while the kids were all still sleeping this morning.  The woods were very quiet and very dry.  The creek is nearly dried up.  The poison ivy is especially prolific this year.  As are the ticks.  Ask me where I had one attached the other day.  Ahem…..

Made french toast for everyone this morning with our fresh, organic eggs.  So organic in fact that I suppose we should call the meal “snake toast” rather than french toast.  You see, a certain hen decided to consume a snake.  Right before our amazed eyes.  She chased that sucker down, grabbed it in her beak, threw her head back, and slurped it right down.  Seriously.  Not sure how I feel about that.

I went shopping yesterday.  I hate shopping.  I was looking for pants, probably the WORST thing to shop for.  I lost count after trying on 23 pairs.  Came home with 1 pair, so I guess that counts as success. 

Jack has a baseball game this evening.  Nice planning, huh?!  I made Key Lime Bars and Nutella brownies to take to share with the other mothers.  I figured that we’d have our own little Mother’s Day celebration since we all had to be at the ballpark.  Don’t think the league would approve if I brought along a little wine.  It sure would make the time go by much nicer. 

Have a lovely, restful Mother’s Day!


One Response to “Still Here.”

  1. Jeanne Says:

    I thought hens were into…not snakes!

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