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Sarah’s Birthday Present. May 18, 2010

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I found the pattern here.  This was a fun thing to knit–just worked on it at several baseball games over the course of a week.  The best part was decorating it!  I needle- felted, embroidered, hand- sewed, you name it.  The pictures really don’t even show how cute it is.  This is similiar to who will live in this cozy house.  Anyone remember the Woodsy’s Loghouse toy from the 80’s?  That was the look/idea I was going for. 

On a side note, if anyone’s interested in making a similar toy, I found that the original pattern wasn’t going to be large enough.  I made the pattern 1 1/2 the original size with no troubles at all.  I also sewed in twisted pipecleaners to use as support beams rather than floral wire.  Such fun to make!


One Response to “Sarah’s Birthday Present.”

  1. Grandma Says:

    That is so cute but looks like alot of work. Sarah will love it. The stars are really nice too. They would be good decorations for patriotic holidays if you made red white and blue

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