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I Am, Officially, My Mother…. May 20, 2010

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Today, I found myself telling my kids that they “can’t even tell the difference when I leave out 1/2 the sugar in the chocolate chip cookies.”  And those same cookies are made with 100% whole wheat (not white whole wheat, mind you) flour.  Thankfully, there were absolutely NO walnuts present during the baking.  Whew.  That would have been the end for sure. (If you enjoy walnuts, I apologize for the negative reference.  Certain people will surely understand why I felt the need to explain that I did omit them from the recipe.)

I finished watching the documentary, “Super-size Me” and I am convicted (more than ever) about our country’s crummy eating habits.  I think that my family does a significantly better job than the norm, at least according to this documentary.  But there’s so much room for improvement.  Certain members of this household consume entirely too much soda, for example.  The amount of sugar in just a 12 oz. can is disgusting!  And that occasional visit to McD’s is going to happen even less often than it does now. 

You really should watch this movie.  I think we all probably know that eating fast food too often is unhealthy.  But there are other areas, like eating overly processed foods, the additives and preservatives in everything, and artificial anything that we tend to overlook.  My goal is to eradicate EVERYTHING processed from the majority of our meals.  We’ll still keep things like Cheerios (or the organic version) for breakfast, and maybe Kettle Chips (yum!) for a side with our lunches, but everything else will need to be as close to its natural state as possible.  No fake breads, crackers, desserts (well, there is the occasional Zinger that the boys and I like to share), or prepackaged food.  Oops, almost forgot Kashi granola bars.  We’ll keep those in our lineup until I can create a suitable substitute.

Since I make most of our meals from scratch and we eat out rarely, I think this will be an attainable goal.  We’ll have to tweak a few things, and I’m always open to change (not really, but we can pretend), so we’ll see how it goes.

On tonight’s menu:  Whole wheat spaghetti with homemade marinara, homemade french bread, organic greens with oil and vinegar.  Water or iced tea to drink.  Those afore-mentioned cookies for dessert.  And then we’ll go to Sonic for icees and tots–just kidding.


7 Responses to “I Am, Officially, My Mother….”

  1. Grandma Says:

    I think I can leave out everything but chocolate. I will do the 60% but no more. Good for you. I know we would all feel better in all ways. I have also found asking God to bless the food we eat at every meal is the most important thing. I left that out when raising the kids but am trying to remember now.

    Grandma (60)

  2. Madeline Says:

    Yeah, but can you turn down A&W root beer? Huh? Can you? I’d like to see you try. And if any, do you hear me ANY, carob finds its way into our cookies, I’m movin’ out sooner than you think.

  3. Jayson Says:

    Walnuts are a super food, you know. Super disgusting. I’ll resist the temptation to make the obvious comparison with your new habits to those of a certain cook who specialized in, to name two egregious examples, vegetable pie and porcupine meatballs with crunchy brown rice.

    I will, however, point out that the wheat you used in the bread (and, likely, the spaghetti) was raised in unorganic fashion by greedy farmers who would force their kids to drink pesticide if it would bring another bushel to the acre.

    Happy eating.

    • Incorrect. The spaghetti and flour were both grown and processed organically. It was not, however, hand-ground.

      Did you know that some teas are grown and fertilized organically using human feces?! Poop is all natural.

  4. Jayson Says:

    This is Lisa’s turn — yeah for scratch cooking! I got inspired a few months ago and made a sourdough starter, which means yummy fresh bread every week! And, Jayson will even tolerate half whole wheat pastry flour. Baby steps, baby steps….

  5. Jayson Says:

    From Lisa again: brown rice? Ha! But he will eat whole wheat pasta. And sweet peppers, which your mom doesn’t like. It’s an adventure for every meal! And your comment above about tea…um, I think I’ll stick with coffee. Some things are better not known!

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