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Relief… May 21, 2010

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I believe this “stage” has passed.  Literally.  Let’s just say that the flow of things has taken a significantly different turn and I do believe we will be moving on.  After nearly a month of this, I’m positively ecstatic.  Only wish there was a trophy to save for posterity.

Kidney stones suck.


2 Responses to “Relief…”

  1. Grandma Says:

    Great news.

  2. Jayson Says:

    “Flow of things” That’s pretty clever. Hopefully this is the last time you have a little “pebble” to deal with (that’s why my doctor always called them). I thought boulder was more appropriate based on the pain level. I won’t miss the days of peeing through a filter (it looked like one of those re-usable metal coffee filters) and looking for little bits of grit. Although I admit it was sort of exciting for a while, waiting to see what might come out.

    P.S. Who was using your computer at 1 in the morning? I was up following a baseball game online and your name kept popping up on Skype.

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