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Preparing May 25, 2010

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For the first birthday.  Unfortunately, my kidney stone has made a miraculous reappearance and I spent the morning thinking about dying.  Actually, it made me remember being in labor with Sarah the year before.  Hey, once was enough already!

Made THE cake this afternoon, finished dinner (chicken enchiladas, watermelon, brown rice) after that, and need to think about wrapping presents.  Poor baby isn’t getting anything “new.”  I found a wooden train at Goodwill, made the mushroom playhouse, and I think that’s it.  Funny how things are so different for a fourth child.  I watched videos from Madeline’s first birthday party–way over the top, it was. 

Our baby groundhog, hiding under a rose bush. Can you see him? He's so little that he stumbles about when he walks. We have no idea where mama is--she lives (or lived) behind Billy Goat's pen.


2 Responses to “Preparing”

  1. Grandma Says:

    Madeline and I agree, you can never have too many presents. Sorry the kidney stone has reappeared.

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