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Wii May 28, 2010

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There was a package delivered to my house a few days ago.  An unexpected, rather large package.  The best sort of a package, really.  The kids were delighted to find a Wii game system inside the box.  A present from their grandparents, who find their own delight in their Wii system.  (My kids think it’s seriously funny that their grandparents play Wii.  Sometimes they’ll talk to them on the phone and laugh when the grandparent will tell them that they’re out of breath because they’ve been playing sword fighting or tennis)

Now, I have serious reservations about video games in my house.  I know how my husband can be and I know how certain children can be when it comes to games and/or computers.  I dislike policing everything that my children do, and adding a video game was one more thing that I would have to oversee. I imagine the fights I would have to break up, the time limits that would need to be set, the answer of, “I’m just beating this next level, Mom.” when those time limits had expired.  It’s more than I need right now.  At least that’s what I thought.

This Wii thing is going to be my exception.  It is hysterical!  We had a Wii-fest yesterday.  Much playing ensued, all for the sake of learning how to play and what to do.  Everyone complained of Wii soreness today.  Even with my bladder attacks (don’t I sound like an 80 year old woman?), I still managed to play. 

Though I don’t foresee adding many games to our collection, I do think this is a fun game.  Very entertaining and something everyone can play.  Thanks, to grandpa and grandma for a fun gift!  Maybe we’ll have to post some pictures of us Wii-ing.


2 Responses to “Wii”

  1. nancy Says:

    Wii is seriouys family fun. We love it too!

  2. I’m exercizing, aren’t I? Why are you complaining?

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