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Packing and Packing and Packing June 24, 2010

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This is our plan:  only check one bag.  That’s a difficult task when you’re packing for 6 people and you’re staying away from home for an extended bit of time.  Oh, and when you can’t even imagine what the weather might do and what sorts of clothes might be necessary because of said weather.

Did you know that you have to pay $25 per checked bag EACH direction?  If each of us checked a bag, that would be $300 in luggage charges.  Golly, I could almost buy another ticket for that much money!  Anyway, we’ve narrowed everything down to what will pack into a carry on alone.  I’ve found if you roll things very tightly, you can fit quite a lot in a bag that is 22x14x9.  So far we’ve been successful–everyone is packed and ready to go.  Darn shoes take up a lot of room!

We will head out this evening for the hotel, as our flight leaves VERY early tomorrow morning and I’m not about to get up at 3:30AM.  Got to make a stop to pick up a skein of yarn so I can (hopefully) finish a sweater I’m knitting.  Isn’t that what a vacation is for?  Praying that it rains while we’re away and my flowers don’t all die. 

It’s 4:13 and I think it’s time to start the vacation!


Lucky Me!

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 My good friend was thoughtful and generous this week, gifting me this awesome Le Crueset casserole.  It was a present from her wedding, but was never put to use–except for the occasional doggy drink.

I love it! (There’s a dozen eggs in your fridge now, my friend!)


The Farmer’s Market June 23, 2010

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If you can believe it, I forgot to put the camera in my purse, so there were no pictures of our booth.  It was cute, too!  Despite the hot weather, we really had a fun time.  I was surprised at the number of people who stopped by.  People seemed to like scones, cookies, and zucchini cake.  Blueberry muffins were so-so (what is up with that?!).

When we return from our trip to Oregon and when the weather cools off, I think we’ll set up our little booth again and spend a Saturday morning peddling goodies.

And yes, we made enough money to take Bill out for Father’s Day coffee.


The World’s Best Ice Cream June 21, 2010

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is Ben and Jerry’s Key Lime Pie flavor.  The perfect combination of tart, sweet, and crunchy.  I never understood how a person could eat an entire pint of ice cream–before now, that is.

This culinary delight was enjoyed while watching Jack “Greg Laux” Pennick treat us to a fireworks display.  Fun stuff in LaCrosse tonight.


Yesterday Was My Anniversary June 18, 2010

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15 years, to be exact.  Bill asked me if when I married him I ever thought that I’d be living in Virginia, mothering 4 children, and home schooling.  The answer was an emphatic no.  Funny how things can change.

For our anniversary, we had a very romantic dinner date–at Chik-fil-a and with all the kids.  It was more of a “hey everybody let’s celebrate” sort of a dinner, rather than the romantic kind.  We all had fun and enjoyed the evening out. 

Today finds us preparing for our first venture into the Farmer’s Market that is held in town on Saturday mornings.  So far, I’ve baked 32 blueberry muffins, 8 dozen cookies, 16 white chocolate and cranberry scones, and 16 dark chocolate chip scones.  Only have chocolate zucchini loaf cakes left to make.  I’m really looking forward to this little adventure.  The preparations have been exhausting but fun.  We’re all just hoping to make enough money to take Bill out for coffee on Father’s Day. 

Wish us luck!


Farmer’s Market. June 14, 2010

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Our town has a little Farmer’s Market every Saturday morning.  We usually stop by there after our weekly Donut Shop run.  Not too much to choose from, but we usually buy some fresh veggies.  This past weekend, the woman in charge of the market practically begged us to participate by opening our own booth.  She said they were trying to recruit someone to sell baked goods and homemade crafty items.  All things that were absent from the current lineup.  Well, if it’s something our family can do together and it involves baking, we’re all game for it! 

 This week we will all be working on various projects to sell at the upcoming Saturday market.  Jack is making hand-cut wooden blocks, Madeline is knitting, I’m sewing, and we’ll all be baking on Friday.  I’m thinking scones, cookies, muffins, zucchini cake/bread (which I hate, but am told people love), and probably a few dozen eggs.  Since the weather is supposed to be horribly hot and humid this week, I think indoor projects will be a great way to pass the time. 

Wish us luck!

We’re hoping to make enough money to cover our expenses (about $30) and be able to have a coffee/ice cream night out.



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Jack and Jon at closing ceremonies for baseball.


Jack receiving his trophy.


Jon receiving his trophy.


Jon received the sportsmanship award. We have to laugh at this--if these people could have only seen him several years ago. How far he's come.


Bill overseeing the chaos.


Sarah wanted to be down, playing in the dirt.

A relieved sigh that we made it through another baseball season.  I look forward to preparing dinner at a more reasonable hour, not rushing around several nights a week, and not chasing after the mobile baby (up and down the bleachers).