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Too Hot. June 3, 2010

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That lovely season is upon us already.  It’s hot.  Too hot to do much of anything between the hours of 11:00 AM and 7:30 PM.  That’s a lot of time to be cooped up inside.  We’ve started doing our school work after lunch now, leaving the cooler mornings to be outside or run errands.  The change in our daily rhythm seems to be a nice fit.

Finishing up the baseball season this week.  Yesterday Jack, tomorrow Jack and Jon, and Saturday Jon.  I think I’ll be happy when dinner can wait until 6:00 or so rather than 4:30.  I’m sure that Bill will be happy that he can come home from work and eat rather than scarf down his food. 

Madeline has been working on knitting a doll.  Not just any doll, but a Joey Ramone doll.  It resembles a zombie.  There’s also been some serious Wii-ing happening in her room. 

Sarah has a little cough now.  We’re hoping it remedies itself quickly and without consequence.  Not walking by herself yet and for that, I think I’m glad. 

I’ve been trying to sew a smocked/ruched dress for Sarah using elastic thread wound on the bobbin.  I keep seeing all sorts of these dresses and tops posted on other blogs.  Each person says how easy this project is.  Yeah, not for me evidently.  My bobbin gets stuck, my thread tension is off, and I just can’t get the hang of it.  Also, my seam ripper has gone missing.  I really need it too.

Only 3 weeks until we leave for Oregon.  I need to make reservations for a park and fly hotel near the airport sometime this weekend.  Maybe somewhere near a bookstore and grocery store so we can stock up on provisions prior to our flight.


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