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Farmer’s Market. June 14, 2010

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Our town has a little Farmer’s Market every Saturday morning.  We usually stop by there after our weekly Donut Shop run.  Not too much to choose from, but we usually buy some fresh veggies.  This past weekend, the woman in charge of the market practically begged us to participate by opening our own booth.  She said they were trying to recruit someone to sell baked goods and homemade crafty items.  All things that were absent from the current lineup.  Well, if it’s something our family can do together and it involves baking, we’re all game for it! 

 This week we will all be working on various projects to sell at the upcoming Saturday market.  Jack is making hand-cut wooden blocks, Madeline is knitting, I’m sewing, and we’ll all be baking on Friday.  I’m thinking scones, cookies, muffins, zucchini cake/bread (which I hate, but am told people love), and probably a few dozen eggs.  Since the weather is supposed to be horribly hot and humid this week, I think indoor projects will be a great way to pass the time. 

Wish us luck!

We’re hoping to make enough money to cover our expenses (about $30) and be able to have a coffee/ice cream night out.


One Response to “Farmer’s Market.”

  1. Grandma Says:

    Wish I were there, I would buy quite a bit.

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