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Packing and Packing and Packing June 24, 2010

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This is our plan:  only check one bag.  That’s a difficult task when you’re packing for 6 people and you’re staying away from home for an extended bit of time.  Oh, and when you can’t even imagine what the weather might do and what sorts of clothes might be necessary because of said weather.

Did you know that you have to pay $25 per checked bag EACH direction?  If each of us checked a bag, that would be $300 in luggage charges.  Golly, I could almost buy another ticket for that much money!  Anyway, we’ve narrowed everything down to what will pack into a carry on alone.  I’ve found if you roll things very tightly, you can fit quite a lot in a bag that is 22x14x9.  So far we’ve been successful–everyone is packed and ready to go.  Darn shoes take up a lot of room!

We will head out this evening for the hotel, as our flight leaves VERY early tomorrow morning and I’m not about to get up at 3:30AM.  Got to make a stop to pick up a skein of yarn so I can (hopefully) finish a sweater I’m knitting.  Isn’t that what a vacation is for?  Praying that it rains while we’re away and my flowers don’t all die. 

It’s 4:13 and I think it’s time to start the vacation!


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