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Walker! July 29, 2010

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Sitting in the hotel room, watching the new walker.  Crazy girl has decided that a hotel room is the best place to begin walking.  She is all over the place!

After saying goodbye to our family (NEVER a fun thing), we are spending the night in Portland in order to be close to the airport, thus missing the morning commute before our flight tomorrow. 

A long flight and a long day await us…..


One of My Most Embarassing Moments July 24, 2010

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I have plungered a fair amount of toilets in my time.  So many, in fact, that I consider myself a rather sufficient plumber.  I grew up with two older brothers, I have a husband and four children, and I use cloth diapers.  I do, indeed, have experience with a plunger and a toilet.  Today, however, I have a new addition to my plunging (plungering?) repertoire.  Today I plungered a hotel toilet.

Whilst staying in our hotel, a certain 6-year-old boy had an earnest need to use the facilities.  This need resulted in excessive usage of the accompanying necessary paper.  There was a clog, a malfunctioning flushing mechanism, an overflowing toilet, a hysterical mama, and the desperate grabbing of any available towel to help contain the growing mess.  After slogging through the raw sewage, I was able to locate and turn off the water supply to the toilet, thus stopping the cascade of filth that was rapidly filling the bathroom floor.   Now I had to find help.

Let’s just say that hotel clerks are not happy to hear the words “over flowing toilet.”  The dismayed clerk answered my call for backup by placing a call to the local maintenance man to quickly come and fix “my problem.”  Quickly is a rather subjective term, especially when you consider it was bedtime and I had six people to get into bed–one of them being an overtired, teething baby.  I needed to take matters into my own hands.  I requested the delivery of a plunger.

The dismayed clerk brought a large plastic bag to help corral the “used” towels, a plunger (it’s a hotel, where do you suppose that thing’s been?!), a disinfecting cleaner, and some “crappy” towels (those where her words, not mine) to clean the mess up with.  So there I was, wielding my trusty plunger, relieving the offending clog with my own two hands.  Once that task was accomplished, I was on my knees, both thanking God and cleaning up the mess.  The clerk just stood there, watching, and saying how sorry she was that I had to clean the mess up.  Yeah, welcome to my life.

The worst part?  When I apologized for the trouble and said something about little kids and over zealous toilet paper usage she replied, “A kid did this?”  I said, “Of course.”  And she said, “Oh, I thought it was you.”  Nice.

ETA:  There are no pictures of this event.


In a Hotel Room July 23, 2010

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Sitting in a hotel room in Baker City, Oregon, waiting for Jon and Sarah to finish sleeping–it’s nap time.  A certain 6 year old was certain that he did NOT need a nap.  He was the first to fall asleep!

We traveled nearly the entire width of the state yesterday.  I think my odometer read 364 miles.  The kids all did beautifully.  I think it helped having Grandma sit in the back of the car keeping the littlest one happy.  I think the walkie-talkies helped the boys stay busy and I think the I-pod helped the oldest to tolerate the trip.  Personally, I enjoyed the company and the scenery.  Any maybe the lunch at Burgerville (Walla-Walla onion rings!).

The older kids, Immy, and my Dad, brother, and nephew went on a sightseeing trip through the Blue Mountains (I think that’s what they’re called) to look at ghost towns and abandoned mines.  Jack has been planning this trip for ages, eager to see just what a ghost town looks like.  We’re afraid he might be a bit disappointed.  Hopefully no one tumbles down a mineshaft or gets bit by a snake.

The littlest kids, my Mom, my niece, and I did a little shopping in Baker City.  Such a great collection of stores in this town.  Good thing I’vealready used up all of my extra baggage space, as I’ve found tons of things that I really think I need.  I’ve settled for a bit of oilcloth to use as a tablecloth for the kitchen table and (hopefully) a drop-spindle and wool for spinning my own yarn.  I’ve always wanted to try that.  Hmmm, I guess I can always ship stuff home…..


We’ve Been July 17, 2010

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All over the state of Oregon.  Or at least it seems that way. 

A trip to Portland on Tuesday (also a trip to IKEA–all I can say is oh golly) to pick up our Burtish (Jon’s version of British) friend, a recovery night in Gates, a spur of the moment trip to LaPine, and a Saturday at the  Salem Art Fair.  All of that since Tuesday.  Throw in some woodcutting for the boys, a first concert for the big girl, and a tiny swimming pool for the little girl.  And we’re the family that thinks a big outing is a trip to Home Depot.  We might be on overload!

The big kids had a great time boating and swimming at some of the high mountain lakes, outside of LaPine.  Only a little sunburn.  But a lot of mosquito bites.  Mother is absent, due to her fear of all things boat related as well as Sarah’s inability to walk.  Chasing a crawling baby around on rocky beaches (in the sun and heat) doesn’t sound like much fun.  Absent Mama and baby discovered the LaPine library–the best children’s section I’ve seen in a long time. 

We’ll see what the remainder of the weekend has in store for us all.  Surely some great opportunities to visit and enjoy family and friends.


Things That I Have Learned Today July 8, 2010

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1.  This weather really isn’t very hot.

2.  Great Harvest Bread Co. is the very thing that has been missing in my life.

3.  Big Town Hero is still yummy.

4.  I like to drive hybrid cars.

5.  Oregon has a lot of hybrid cars.

6.  Chocco shoes are as good as they sound (like chocolate, get it?)

7.  All children should be required to pay a visit to Harvest Records in Salem.  It will be the best anti-drug illustration they’ve ever seen.  Just say no to drugs, for sure.

8.  I love to drink coffee in the morning.

9.  The Oregon coast is really pretty, but nearly impossible to drive around, through, near…..

10.  Everyone needs a central vac. system in their garage.

11.  Laptops are cool.

12.  Carousels make me sick.

13.  Vacations never last long enough.



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After a scalding hot night, I am sitting in my parent’s kitchen, all the doors and windows are wide open letting in the 64 degree coolness.  I hear Jon and Sarah playing together in the cubby under the stairs and I am drinking hot coffee with unhomogenized whole milk (bits of cream melting!) stirred in.  Enjoying Madeline’s new laptop with the coffee and plotting out a day of nothingness.  I think I could get used to this!


Hi From Oregon July 6, 2010

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Gosh, we are enjoying this weather!  It has been so nice here.  A few days of sweater-wearing weather, a tiny bit of rain, and some warm/hot weather to last us through the weekend.  I love being able to step outside and NOT melt.  Makes me remember why I like living in Oregon.

We have boated, visited, eaten, played, fished, sat, hiked, and slept.  And we aren’t even halfway through our vacation yet!  Bill has gone home (someone has to earn the money to support this family’s travel budget) to work in the hot weather–we miss him.  Yesterday, the kids and I picked up and moved our base camp from Bill’s parent’s house to my parent’s  house for a while.  It seems we’ve given up 4-wheelers and open spaces for Wii’s and shopping-for the time being.  Both are good places to be.

At the kid’s request, we made a short trip to E.Z. Orchards Farm Market this morning.  Delicious blueberries, raspberries, apples, donuts, and Norton whole milk.  Oh how I miss shopping here!  I remember all the mornings that Jack and I stopped by here (he bought water and  a cheese breadstick and I bought water and an oatmeal cookie) after a visit to the doctor while I was pregnant with Jon.  Life is a little busier now I think.

After EZ Orchards, we HAD to stop at Orange Julius for lunch.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen one of these in VA or NC  That’s a shame, we think.  Madeline was most pleased–she claims to have been dreaming about OJ’s pretzels dipped in cheese for sometime now. Sarah was not impressed with the orange julius.

This afternoon finds us playing Wii, starting a new knitting project (don’t ask me about the one that I had to rip out last week.  Argggh.), napping, shopping, and eating berries.  Tomorrow we’ll  head to the beach.  Now that will be an adventure for sure. 

Oh, and someone got a new laptop to play with.  Now THAT”S exciting.