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Hi From Oregon July 6, 2010

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Gosh, we are enjoying this weather!  It has been so nice here.  A few days of sweater-wearing weather, a tiny bit of rain, and some warm/hot weather to last us through the weekend.  I love being able to step outside and NOT melt.  Makes me remember why I like living in Oregon.

We have boated, visited, eaten, played, fished, sat, hiked, and slept.  And we aren’t even halfway through our vacation yet!  Bill has gone home (someone has to earn the money to support this family’s travel budget) to work in the hot weather–we miss him.  Yesterday, the kids and I picked up and moved our base camp from Bill’s parent’s house to my parent’s  house for a while.  It seems we’ve given up 4-wheelers and open spaces for Wii’s and shopping-for the time being.  Both are good places to be.

At the kid’s request, we made a short trip to E.Z. Orchards Farm Market this morning.  Delicious blueberries, raspberries, apples, donuts, and Norton whole milk.  Oh how I miss shopping here!  I remember all the mornings that Jack and I stopped by here (he bought water and  a cheese breadstick and I bought water and an oatmeal cookie) after a visit to the doctor while I was pregnant with Jon.  Life is a little busier now I think.

After EZ Orchards, we HAD to stop at Orange Julius for lunch.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen one of these in VA or NC  That’s a shame, we think.  Madeline was most pleased–she claims to have been dreaming about OJ’s pretzels dipped in cheese for sometime now. Sarah was not impressed with the orange julius.

This afternoon finds us playing Wii, starting a new knitting project (don’t ask me about the one that I had to rip out last week.  Argggh.), napping, shopping, and eating berries.  Tomorrow we’ll  head to the beach.  Now that will be an adventure for sure. 

Oh, and someone got a new laptop to play with.  Now THAT”S exciting.


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