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Things That I Have Learned Today July 8, 2010

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1.  This weather really isn’t very hot.

2.  Great Harvest Bread Co. is the very thing that has been missing in my life.

3.  Big Town Hero is still yummy.

4.  I like to drive hybrid cars.

5.  Oregon has a lot of hybrid cars.

6.  Chocco shoes are as good as they sound (like chocolate, get it?)

7.  All children should be required to pay a visit to Harvest Records in Salem.  It will be the best anti-drug illustration they’ve ever seen.  Just say no to drugs, for sure.

8.  I love to drink coffee in the morning.

9.  The Oregon coast is really pretty, but nearly impossible to drive around, through, near…..

10.  Everyone needs a central vac. system in their garage.

11.  Laptops are cool.

12.  Carousels make me sick.

13.  Vacations never last long enough.


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