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We’ve Been July 17, 2010

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All over the state of Oregon.  Or at least it seems that way. 

A trip to Portland on Tuesday (also a trip to IKEA–all I can say is oh golly) to pick up our Burtish (Jon’s version of British) friend, a recovery night in Gates, a spur of the moment trip to LaPine, and a Saturday at the  Salem Art Fair.  All of that since Tuesday.  Throw in some woodcutting for the boys, a first concert for the big girl, and a tiny swimming pool for the little girl.  And we’re the family that thinks a big outing is a trip to Home Depot.  We might be on overload!

The big kids had a great time boating and swimming at some of the high mountain lakes, outside of LaPine.  Only a little sunburn.  But a lot of mosquito bites.  Mother is absent, due to her fear of all things boat related as well as Sarah’s inability to walk.  Chasing a crawling baby around on rocky beaches (in the sun and heat) doesn’t sound like much fun.  Absent Mama and baby discovered the LaPine library–the best children’s section I’ve seen in a long time. 

We’ll see what the remainder of the weekend has in store for us all.  Surely some great opportunities to visit and enjoy family and friends.


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