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In a Hotel Room July 23, 2010

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Sitting in a hotel room in Baker City, Oregon, waiting for Jon and Sarah to finish sleeping–it’s nap time.  A certain 6 year old was certain that he did NOT need a nap.  He was the first to fall asleep!

We traveled nearly the entire width of the state yesterday.  I think my odometer read 364 miles.  The kids all did beautifully.  I think it helped having Grandma sit in the back of the car keeping the littlest one happy.  I think the walkie-talkies helped the boys stay busy and I think the I-pod helped the oldest to tolerate the trip.  Personally, I enjoyed the company and the scenery.  Any maybe the lunch at Burgerville (Walla-Walla onion rings!).

The older kids, Immy, and my Dad, brother, and nephew went on a sightseeing trip through the Blue Mountains (I think that’s what they’re called) to look at ghost towns and abandoned mines.  Jack has been planning this trip for ages, eager to see just what a ghost town looks like.  We’re afraid he might be a bit disappointed.  Hopefully no one tumbles down a mineshaft or gets bit by a snake.

The littlest kids, my Mom, my niece, and I did a little shopping in Baker City.  Such a great collection of stores in this town.  Good thing I’vealready used up all of my extra baggage space, as I’ve found tons of things that I really think I need.  I’ve settled for a bit of oilcloth to use as a tablecloth for the kitchen table and (hopefully) a drop-spindle and wool for spinning my own yarn.  I’ve always wanted to try that.  Hmmm, I guess I can always ship stuff home…..


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