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One of My Most Embarassing Moments July 24, 2010

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I have plungered a fair amount of toilets in my time.  So many, in fact, that I consider myself a rather sufficient plumber.  I grew up with two older brothers, I have a husband and four children, and I use cloth diapers.  I do, indeed, have experience with a plunger and a toilet.  Today, however, I have a new addition to my plunging (plungering?) repertoire.  Today I plungered a hotel toilet.

Whilst staying in our hotel, a certain 6-year-old boy had an earnest need to use the facilities.  This need resulted in excessive usage of the accompanying necessary paper.  There was a clog, a malfunctioning flushing mechanism, an overflowing toilet, a hysterical mama, and the desperate grabbing of any available towel to help contain the growing mess.  After slogging through the raw sewage, I was able to locate and turn off the water supply to the toilet, thus stopping the cascade of filth that was rapidly filling the bathroom floor.   Now I had to find help.

Let’s just say that hotel clerks are not happy to hear the words “over flowing toilet.”  The dismayed clerk answered my call for backup by placing a call to the local maintenance man to quickly come and fix “my problem.”  Quickly is a rather subjective term, especially when you consider it was bedtime and I had six people to get into bed–one of them being an overtired, teething baby.  I needed to take matters into my own hands.  I requested the delivery of a plunger.

The dismayed clerk brought a large plastic bag to help corral the “used” towels, a plunger (it’s a hotel, where do you suppose that thing’s been?!), a disinfecting cleaner, and some “crappy” towels (those where her words, not mine) to clean the mess up with.  So there I was, wielding my trusty plunger, relieving the offending clog with my own two hands.  Once that task was accomplished, I was on my knees, both thanking God and cleaning up the mess.  The clerk just stood there, watching, and saying how sorry she was that I had to clean the mess up.  Yeah, welcome to my life.

The worst part?  When I apologized for the trouble and said something about little kids and over zealous toilet paper usage she replied, “A kid did this?”  I said, “Of course.”  And she said, “Oh, I thought it was you.”  Nice.

ETA:  There are no pictures of this event.


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