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Jet Lag, Moths, and other Fun Stuff. August 9, 2010

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Suffering from a major case of jet lag here.  I just can’t seem to think a complete thought and I have no idea what time of day it is.  Sarah is working on an entire mouthful of new teeth, so THAT isn’t helping matters either!  I’m so thankful that Bill had a week’s worth of groceries because I don’t think I’m up for any menu planning or grocery shopping.  This week will find us puttering in the yard, watching movies, and trying to acclimate to eastern time. 

We are under attack by pantry moths.  Yuck.  I read about them on the internet and it seems that they come into your home on groceries.  Nice.  Another awesome thing I can get at Walmart!  Anyway,  we’ve cleaned the pantry, thrown away any opened food, frozen all new foods that we’ve purchased to replace the thrown away items (freezing kills the eggs), and we continue sucking up any invaders with the vaccum.  I also read that the moths don’t like the smell of lavendar and mint (who or what wouldn’t like that smell???) so I have sprigs of lavendar and sprigs of mint tucked into the pantry as well.  At least my kitchen smells nice.

We’ll be starting school back up this week.  Can’t you hear the joyful yelling in the background?  At least I’m looking forward to the new year.  Jack will be 6th grade-ish, Madeline 8th-ish, and Jon K-1st-ish.  Everyone is using Oak Meadow this year–a first for us to have a complete curriculum for everyone.  It makes the planning a little easier for the Mom.

The weather forecast is HOT, so I think we’ll be inside for the majority of the week.  Just how long until the  fall weather?????


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