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I Need Pictures August 17, 2010

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But I can’t find my camera charger.  Might be somewhere in Oregon…..

Last week was the official start of school for us.  It’s nice to have our days follow a more regular rhythm again.  I do wish the weather was a little more cooperative so we could actually spend some time outside.  At least without being consumed be all of the bugs!  A few more weeks, that’s what I keep telling myself.

We had a chicken massacre this past weekend.  Every single one of my new girls was killed, while they slept inside the coop, by some horrible animal.  We were told it was a raccoon because of the way it chewed through two layers of chicken wire.  I guess only raccoons will do this, but I cannot substantiate that claim as I have not personally asked a raccoon if this fact were true.  Either way, I’m out $25 and I have no fresh eggs.  Jack has been setting the live trap, hoping to catch the offender, but so far nothing.

I’ve been working on Madeline’s birthday quilt.  I’ve finished the top, but just can’t find the energy to make the quilt sandwich and begin the actual quilting part.  She chose black, grey, and yellow for the color scheme.  I’ll try to post pictures soon.

Sister Sarah has decided to be a weanling.  She quit nursing last week, rather abruptly.  Just looked at me like I was crazy for offering such a thing, arched her back to escape my grasp, and ran off to play.  We tried for 4 days, but to no avail.  She might be ready, but I don’t think I am.  Makes me sad.

Time to start our day…..


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