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Canning August 22, 2010

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I haven’t canned anything in years.  My tiny kitchen, absence of air-conditioning, and serious lack of companionable help caused me to stop canning.  I also hated buying the fruit and veggies to use in the canning process.  Sort of defeated the frugal aspect of the whole thing.  Then, Bill  decided that homesteading (or something sort of like homesteading) was a way cool idea and we really should be “putting up” our own food.         Uh huh.  This coming from the guy who doesn’t cook–AT ALL.

So today we drove around the local area, looking for houses that had fruit trees in their yards.  Then we went to their doors and asked if we could pick the fruit.  Kinda nervy, I thought, but people were more than happy to oblige us.  We ended up with a 5 gallon bucket of both apples and pears, thanks in part to Jack’s superb climbing skills!

Bill and I made applesauce and canned pears for several hours this afternoon and had a great time.  The process is so much more fun when there’s someone to help out. 

This week we’ll finish the pears and start on some peaches if  I’m able to locate any.


One Response to “Canning”

  1. We might have some figs left for ye ol’ homesteaders.

    Your Amish stalking story was hilarious, only superseded by Maddie’s version of events. I laughed out loud at both of you.

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