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A Child-friendly Autumn Decoration September 28, 2010

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Two different kinds of soft pumpkins to make.  Here’s the link to one:


And here’s the link to another one:


I prefer the square ones but the kids think the round ones look better.  I think they look more like tomatoes than pumpkins.  Sarah likes them all and can’t hurt them (or herself) a bit!


Right Now September 22, 2010

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Hot.  Unseasonably hot.  Record-setting hot even.  It’s the end of September, for heaven’s sake, when will the Autumn weather arrive?  I crave cool mornings and evenings that can be spent outside.  I want the bugs to go away and all things reptilian to go into hibernation.  Especially the snake that decided to sun bathe on my back deck this evening.  No lie.  A huge snake wasall snakily draped over the steps leading up to my deck.  Madeline found it when she was going down to put the goat in for the night.  What did I do, you ask?  I shot the sucker with a BB gun and screamed bloody murder.  That only made the SOB slither around more and it kept looking at me with it’s snakey, beady eyes.  I know that it wanted to bite me.  I made Bill go out and dispatch of it.  He and Jack chased it around underneath the deck but ultimately, it escaped.  I think it’s trying to find a way into my house right this minute.  I cannot sleep for fear it’s lurking about.  And forget about going outside ever again. 

Yes, yes, I know that it’s “just a black snake” and that “black snakes are so good at keeping the rodent population down” and every other bit of snake-loving crap that snake-lovers like to spew.   None of it matters to me–there are no good snakes and all snakes should die!

I think I’ll move to Ireland.  God bless St. Patrick.


Dirty Jobs September 18, 2010

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Since the Fall weather has descended on southside VA, we have started imposing some major limitations on all media usage.  Nothing electrical until after lunch, as long as all school work has been satisfactorily completed.  Cooler weather means we can be outside nearly all day long (without melting).  Lately, after we’ve finished our lunches and while I’m putting Sarah down for her nap, the boys have been watching “Dirty Jobs” on NetFlix.  This show has the perfect mix of disgusting, plenty of testicular references, and enough swearing and poop-talk that those boys are completely enthralled.  There’s even an educational component to most of the episodes.  The host and the job bosses give lots of background information and interesting tidbits about whatever job they’re working on.  Like today, there was a humongous pond of poop that was used to harness methane gas and provide the business with electricity.  The pond was the byproduct of a dairy, fertilizer plant, and biodegradable pot manufacturer.  It really was interesting.  Gross, but interesting.


Autumn Craft September 17, 2010

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Not a good picture, but I had already hung the darn thing and wasn't going to take it down!

I found something similar in a catalog the other day, but decided that I could make our own version for nothing.  Free, my favorite price.

All you need is an old picture frame, a few nails or tacks, and hemp string, embroidery floss, or twine. 

1.  Measure the sides of your frame.   Find the center of each side, mark it, and measure 2 inches from the center mark, marking each space, until you reach the corners.  I liked the spacing of 2 inches, but you could do whatever you like. 

2.  At each mark, tap in a nail or tack.  My frame had 9 tacks on the long sides and 7 on the short sides.

3.  Start wrapping the string around the tacks, making a pattern as you go.  I started at one corner and stretched the string to the opposite, lower side.  Change directions, colors, etc. as you go, creating an interesting pattern.  Maybe interesting is a strong word.  Just create a pattern. 

4.  Weave in feathers, leaves, twigs, acorns, flowers, whatever treasures you might find outside.  You could even put a poem or verse in as well.

Easy, fun, and always-changing Autumn decoration.

Umm, yeah, not any better.

closeup of string detail


I Love Chocolate Chip Cookies September 16, 2010

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says Sarah.



Good Gracious September 15, 2010

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I am the mother of boys, this is for certain.  I’ve always known this because my home is littered with trucks, guns, tools, and baseball paraphernalia.  Now we have added an entirely new facet to the fun!  Trapping.  As in animal trapping.  Gross.

Jack is interested in this activity, partially because of the ick factor and partially due to the possibility of making a little cash.  Who am I to discourage him?  In fact, I have been so supportive that I have been enlisted as his chief helper.  Not only do I listen to his lengthy dialogue about traps, lures, and such, but I also hold the head snare while he removes vermin from the traps.  Seriously.  Just this morning I  had to hold down a opposum while he set it free from a trap.  The local opossum and I are not on good terms either.

So here is a new activity in my life.  One that I never would have suspected having a part in.  I’m sorry for the lack of photos from this morning’s session.  Next time I will be sure to bring the camera.


A Product Review September 13, 2010

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Nothing exciting, just something I found that is 1) cheap and 2) useful.  Oh, and I like how it works.  What is it? 

illuminating powder

Yesterday for Madeline’s birthday we HAD to peruse the aisles of the CVS pharmacy after her birthday dinner.  That’s our standard for entertainment.  We love a good pharmacy, well-stocked with stuff we don’t need.  Since a certain small child in my house likes to pack around my makeup and subsequently dropped and shattered my bronzing powder just last week, I felt justified in replacing this item.  Not an easy accomplishment since I’m cheap and I’m always looking for a bargain.  This is it!  Only $2.99!  It’s not too orange, not too dark, not too sparkly.  Just right.