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Bill’s Birthday September 5, 2010

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Just a few days late.  Seems that we’ve been especially busy this past week.  Probably not very busy compared to most people, but busy enough for our family. 

Fall baseball season has started and Bill is coaching again.  This will take up our weekends and Tuesdays from now until Halloween.  It’s all fun though. 

Madeline’s birthday is quickly approaching and we have lots of projects in the works for her.  I (finally) basted her quilt together and started on the quilting this afternoon.  I’m using a walking foot for the quilting and so far, I love it!  It really seems to help reduce  the bunching and shifting of the fabric.  Bill is making a bed for Madeline, using plans from Knock Off Wood.  Have you ever looked through that blog?  Makes me want a saw of my very own.  Oh, the things I could create……

We spent the day working in the yard and catching up on assorted projects that needed attending to.  Busy times ahead won’t leave time for these things in the upcoming weeks.  We also have guests scheduled to visit in less than a month.  My parents are coming (aka “Da” to Sarah) to stay and we are so excited!  So many fun things to share with them while they’re here. 

Okay, a few pictures of Bill’s birthday:

Rapidly puddling cake.

A ginormous platter or homemade fries. It's what Bill wanted for dinner.

Jon's present to Bill--his idea completely.


One Response to “Bill’s Birthday”

  1. Jayson Says:

    This is actually Lisa. Had to tell you that your photo of the homemade fries is responsible for my dinner of chicken strips and fries from Barley Brown’s Brewpub last night…I’m so susceptible to food suggestions/cravings right now and I couldn’t get those fries out of my mind! Mine were good, but homemade would have been better!

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