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14 September 12, 2010

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Today is Madeline’s birthday.  Her 14th, to be exact.  I remember the day she was born vividly.  I can still recall all of  the silly little details surrounding my pregnancy and her birth.  My first attempt at motherhood.  An experiment of sorts.  I find it amazing to consider how much we’ve both changed and grown through the previous years.  She is my first, and will always be a different kind of special to me.  Sweet girl who talked A LOT and made her dad and I laugh with amazement.  Daily. 

Happy Birthday, Madeline.  Tell Lisa the same.

The birthday girl on her new bed.

Made-by-mom quilt. All of the fabrics were picked up at the different places we visited on or trip to Oregon.

Bob Villa/Dad built the storage daybed, Jack painted, Jon oversaw production (naturally), and Mom helped with it all.


2 Responses to “14”

  1. Grandma Says:

    I like the quilt and bed. You all did professional jobs. Madeline looks pretty good too.

  2. Is it a requirment in this family to take pictures of someone when they look their worst? I’ve had that shirt for about 5 years and those pants don’t fit. And I had bad hair. Very red bad hair.

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