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Good Gracious September 15, 2010

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I am the mother of boys, this is for certain.  I’ve always known this because my home is littered with trucks, guns, tools, and baseball paraphernalia.  Now we have added an entirely new facet to the fun!  Trapping.  As in animal trapping.  Gross.

Jack is interested in this activity, partially because of the ick factor and partially due to the possibility of making a little cash.  Who am I to discourage him?  In fact, I have been so supportive that I have been enlisted as his chief helper.  Not only do I listen to his lengthy dialogue about traps, lures, and such, but I also hold the head snare while he removes vermin from the traps.  Seriously.  Just this morning I  had to hold down a opposum while he set it free from a trap.  The local opossum and I are not on good terms either.

So here is a new activity in my life.  One that I never would have suspected having a part in.  I’m sorry for the lack of photos from this morning’s session.  Next time I will be sure to bring the camera.


One Response to “Good Gracious”

  1. Grandma Says:

    Jack could support you if he were here.

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