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Autumn Craft September 17, 2010

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Not a good picture, but I had already hung the darn thing and wasn't going to take it down!

I found something similar in a catalog the other day, but decided that I could make our own version for nothing.  Free, my favorite price.

All you need is an old picture frame, a few nails or tacks, and hemp string, embroidery floss, or twine. 

1.  Measure the sides of your frame.   Find the center of each side, mark it, and measure 2 inches from the center mark, marking each space, until you reach the corners.  I liked the spacing of 2 inches, but you could do whatever you like. 

2.  At each mark, tap in a nail or tack.  My frame had 9 tacks on the long sides and 7 on the short sides.

3.  Start wrapping the string around the tacks, making a pattern as you go.  I started at one corner and stretched the string to the opposite, lower side.  Change directions, colors, etc. as you go, creating an interesting pattern.  Maybe interesting is a strong word.  Just create a pattern. 

4.  Weave in feathers, leaves, twigs, acorns, flowers, whatever treasures you might find outside.  You could even put a poem or verse in as well.

Easy, fun, and always-changing Autumn decoration.

Umm, yeah, not any better.

closeup of string detail


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