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Dirty Jobs September 18, 2010

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Since the Fall weather has descended on southside VA, we have started imposing some major limitations on all media usage.  Nothing electrical until after lunch, as long as all school work has been satisfactorily completed.  Cooler weather means we can be outside nearly all day long (without melting).  Lately, after we’ve finished our lunches and while I’m putting Sarah down for her nap, the boys have been watching “Dirty Jobs” on NetFlix.  This show has the perfect mix of disgusting, plenty of testicular references, and enough swearing and poop-talk that those boys are completely enthralled.  There’s even an educational component to most of the episodes.  The host and the job bosses give lots of background information and interesting tidbits about whatever job they’re working on.  Like today, there was a humongous pond of poop that was used to harness methane gas and provide the business with electricity.  The pond was the byproduct of a dairy, fertilizer plant, and biodegradable pot manufacturer.  It really was interesting.  Gross, but interesting.


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