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Right Now September 22, 2010

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Hot.  Unseasonably hot.  Record-setting hot even.  It’s the end of September, for heaven’s sake, when will the Autumn weather arrive?  I crave cool mornings and evenings that can be spent outside.  I want the bugs to go away and all things reptilian to go into hibernation.  Especially the snake that decided to sun bathe on my back deck this evening.  No lie.  A huge snake wasall snakily draped over the steps leading up to my deck.  Madeline found it when she was going down to put the goat in for the night.  What did I do, you ask?  I shot the sucker with a BB gun and screamed bloody murder.  That only made the SOB slither around more and it kept looking at me with it’s snakey, beady eyes.  I know that it wanted to bite me.  I made Bill go out and dispatch of it.  He and Jack chased it around underneath the deck but ultimately, it escaped.  I think it’s trying to find a way into my house right this minute.  I cannot sleep for fear it’s lurking about.  And forget about going outside ever again. 

Yes, yes, I know that it’s “just a black snake” and that “black snakes are so good at keeping the rodent population down” and every other bit of snake-loving crap that snake-lovers like to spew.   None of it matters to me–there are no good snakes and all snakes should die!

I think I’ll move to Ireland.  God bless St. Patrick.


One Response to “Right Now”

  1. Grandma Says:

    Where is Twink when you need him?

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