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Just Don’t Have the Heart October 24, 2010

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to do any writing, that is.  Feeling a little out of sorts and looking for some inspiration.  Maybe some chocolate will do that?!


Michaelmas October 3, 2010

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Just what is Michaelmas?  Well, from what I can tell, it’s a holiday that celebrates St. Michael throwing satan out of heaven and into a blackberry thicket on the Earth.  It is the story of good triumphing over evil.  Often times the story of St. George defeating the dragon is used as a similar example.  Gosh, there’s all kinds of examples of good versus evil.  Luke Skywalker defeating Darth Vader.  John Wayne defeating Scar in “The Searchers.”  I’m sure my kids could come up with lots of other examples. 

On Michaelmas (Sept. 29), we celebrate by eating something made with blackberries:

Mmmmmm, blackberry pie.

There are Michaelmas flowers:

And we eat a dinner filled with strong foods.  Foods like roast beef, greens, and potatoes.  I’m sure my hemoglobin went through the roof that night!  Our before bed story was, naturally, St. George and the Dragon. 

Not too sure if we’re totally accurate with our celebration method.  At our house, we’re just all about a celebration, especially if there’s good food involved.


More Cuteness October 2, 2010

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Rocking and watching "Big Bird Does His Numbers."

Her favorite brother.  Jon can’t read so it’s okay for me to write that!


New Shoes October 1, 2010

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We went shopping for Sarah’s new shoes the other day.  Currently, she wears soft-soled Robeez shoes, but with the wet weather arriving, she needs something a little more substantial.  A trip to Peebles yielded nothing.  Then I remembered a pair of Madeline’s  shoes that I had saved.  After looking through the attic (I swear, everything in that attic belongs to Madeline!  There are more stuffed animals and crap up there than I’ve ever seen, save for a Toys’r’Us.) I found them.  And they’re a perfect fit too!


Butterflies By Next Week

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There will be three of them, to be exact.  We’re currently waiting for our Monarch chrysalli (chrysallisis?) to hatch (emerge?).  The first one should be out on Sunday and they other two will follow shortly thereafter.

We call him number 2.

 ETA:  Number 1 transformed his chrysallis this morning and by afternoon there was a butterfly in his place.  He flew away about 7:00 this evening!