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Starting To Decorate November 28, 2010

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Just finished bringing a few things down from the attic like the Advent calendar, Advent books, and other non- Christmas tree related things.  The boys (and baby) gathered some greens to use around the house and to make the Advent wreath.  There might even be some Christmas music playing in the background.  Maybe.  It is, indeed, beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Advent wreath

The Nativity.


My ambitious helper.


After Thanksgiving Daybook November 26, 2010

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Outside my window:  Windy, rainy, and warm.

Thinking about:  Making a grocery list, going to the bank, and how to spend the day doing nothing.  Yeah, right.

Reading:  “You Are Your Child’s First Teacher” and various Christmas books.  Madeline is reading “To Kill a Mockingbird”, Jack is reading “D’Ulaire’s Greek Myths”, and Jon is reading his phonics lessons.  Sarah is read lots of Sandra Boynton books. No read aloud right now, but finding one is on my library list. 

Creating:  Lots of Christmas presents, as this is the year of our handmade Christmas.  We are trying to either create our own gifts or buy handmade items (We love Etsy!).  Trying to get in at least a little work each day.  Oh, and I’m also creating more viruses, as I’m getting a cold.  

Cooking:  Hopefully nothing today or tomorrow.  We’ll see how that goes.

Hoping for:  A relaxed weekend.

Hearing:  Nothing (it’s early) except for Jon sneaking around, looking for candy. 

Plans for the rest of the week:  Today is Friday, bathroom cleaning day.  Whoopee!  I am thankful that I have the master bathroom cleaner home today.  That’s a job he relishes.  Yeah, well he can have it.

Maybe a good, long walk if the rain clears up.  Maybe an adventure somewhere that has no Black Friday shopping.  I hate crowds!

We’ll also be gathering greens to use in making our Advent wreath.  Advent starts this Sunday.

Favorite things:  Pie and whipped cream.  Quiet mornings.  An open window in the morning that lets in just the right amount of cool.

Sarah’s Doing:  She has really started talking.  Just in the past few days.  Every day brings us a few new words.  “Ear (pronounced EE-ya), eye, nose, mouth, hair, hoo-hoo (as in owl), and juice” are her newests.  She no longer walks, but runs everywhere instead.  And she’s going through the WORST separation anxiety thing with me.  Only me.  If I am out of her sight, she maniacally says, “Mama, Mama” over and over until I am found.  Taking a shower or going to the bathroom is rather difficult.  She also won’t leave any barrettes in her hair, so it’s always flopping in her face like a little urchin.

A new camera that Madeline is loving.


Pie For Breakfast

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Is there really anything better?  Except maybe whipped cream in my coffee.


The Spread November 25, 2010

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This is our Thanksgiving feast:

Why is it that people make such a big deal about preparing this particular meal?  It really doesn’t take that much time.  Yes, you have to strategize the useage of the oven, but other than that, why are we complaining?  You’ll not hear me complain, as now my fridge is filled with leftovers to last through the weekend!


A Toy for a Monkey November 15, 2010

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This baby is a crazy climber.  In the past several weeks I have found her on top of the piano, on top of the kitchen table, on top of the dining room table, on various beds, on top of the outside table, in every chair I own, and under the coffee table.  Seriously, that kid is a monkey. 

Welcome the “new” climbing slide.  It has spent about a week inside and has been enjoyed by all male children and the smallest female child.  Though she often has to convince big kids to vacate before she can slide down.  Yesterday I had to put the foul thing outside because of the residual smell of cat pee on it.  I have tried everything to get rid of it, but alas, it still remains.  I know it’s clean (lots of bleach!), but at some molecular level, there is still cat urine atoms stinking up the place.


$2 Bedding November 13, 2010

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Seriously.  I found this brand new Ralph Lauren sheet at GW for $2.  Attached it to a sheet I already had (so that was free), and voila, a new duvet cover.

Also found this Laura Ashley pillow sham–with tags still attached.  $2 as well.

Doesn't match my room, but I still love it. A perfect snuggling pillow.


It’s a Miracle!!! November 12, 2010

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After giving it a night to recover and going on a replacement shopping trip ( I think it felt threatened), my camera has been healed.  I will cross my fingers that it will not relapse.