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Midweek Daybook December 8, 2010

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Outside my window:  It’s 9 degrees.  Yep, 9.  It’s cold and still.  It is bright and sunny however.

What we’re doing:  Jack was up early to go hunting with a friend (a grown up friend, that is).  Everyone else is still asleep.  This is a quiet week around here with very little “must do’s” to be done.

What we’re making:  Still working on Christmas presents.  Probably need to step it up a bit this week.  My sewing machine isn’t working well, so that’s a big problem.  Anyone know why I can’t get it to sew fleece?  The top thread won’t pick up the bobbin thread.  Frustrating.

What we’re reading:  Advent readings every night.  I think Madeline is reading “To Kill a Mockingbird” and Jack is reading about ancient Rome.  Jon is reading about Pearl Harbor and Iwo Jiima.  I mean he’s not actually reading, but being read to or looking at the pictures.  He’s not a genius, you know!

What we’re cooking:  Mexican Monday (it’s usually Taco Tuesday), Stir-fry and rice, Jack’s favorite hobo packs, and pancakes.  Not sure what else.  There were some homemade peppermint patties and coconut patties too. 

I’m hearing:  The hum of a space heater.  9 degree weather insists on secondary heating.  We’d love to install a wood stove, but since our house is for sale, we don’t see the point in investing the money in one just to walk away from it.  So until then, we’ll gather around the cozy space heater.

A favorite thing:  Waking up (and going to sleep, for that matter) to the glow of Christmas lights.  And the smell of a Christmas tree. 

Any plans?:  Trying to decide on a few crafts for the kids to complete in the evenings.  Probably a trip for milk on Friday. 

We’re hoping for:  Maybe more snow?

A picture worth sharing:

Graham cracker houses!


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