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We Are a Wasteful Family (or Want to See What’s Inside My Fridge?) December 9, 2010

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I think this becomes obvious to me each time I clean out the fridge and/or pantry.  I am disgusted and embarrassed at how much food we waste.  Sometimes it goes bad before it can all be consumed and sometimes we just leave it because it’s not “pretty” anymore.  Like that last serving of cereal or crackers (or cheese or ice cream) that’s left in the package that we’d rather not finish, but would rather open the new box instead.  What’s up with that?! 

Raw milk! Raw milk! Call the police!


Tidy pantry.

I guess my goal is to significantly reduce our waste.  We might have to eat strange combinations like scrambled eggs and spaghetti, but I’m up for the challenge. Do you think anyone would notice if I added cereal powder (you know the stuff that’s in the bottom of the bag after the cereal’s all gone?) to my cookies?  I bet not.  Maybe I’ll start pureeing EVERYTHING and adding it to soups.  I just might be on to something here.


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