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My Kids are Freakish December 17, 2010

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So today we’re talking about how we feel that our Christmas treat-making has been a little lackluster this year.  That maybe some of our favorites have been overlooked.  Bill and I start listing the things we love best, like fudge, rocky road, chocolate-covered nuts, etc.  I start making a list of what we need to gather from the store  today in order to make these treats, envisioning a weekend filled with happy holiday baking.  Except my kids don’t like any of these things.  WHAT IS UP WITH THAT?????

Fudge?  Nope, we evidently don’t like that.  Divinity?  Not that either.  Rocky road?  Nah, it’s evidently too sweet.  Too sweet?  Is there really such a thing?  Caramels?  Ewww, gross.  Chocolate-covered nuts?  Not even those.  What’s a Mom to do?

I guess we’ll stick with cookie baking, though only plain, sugar cookies are deemed acceptable.  Gingerbread is also gross.  Whatever.  These kids will dump like an entire cup of sugar on their Cheerios, but when it comes to homemade candy, they think it’s too sweet. 

Not sure what she was doing in this one. I think canning rings can also be bracelets.


Our view, yesterday morning.


The last of the laundryathon.


One Response to “My Kids are Freakish”

  1. Lyle Says:

    We wish you kids a very merry Christmas and it looks as tho it might be a white one
    We think the “no sweets program” will pay off with fewer cavities.

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