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Christmas Eve Wrap-Up December 24, 2010

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Not a very exciting Christmas Eve, but sometimes that’s nice.  The alternative can be a little trying.

Started the day with a trip to the bank and a last-minute trip to Wal-Mart.  Why is it when we get down to the very last-minute that I start second-guessing myself on the amount/type/etc. of the presents under the tree?  I do this every year, even though I put much thought into the gifts we give and know that what we’ve chosen is exactly enough.  Never fails though, that I end up worrying and go shopping on Christmas Eve. 

After spending the day catching up on a few things, we had our annual Chinese food dinner.  Not bad.  Not good, either.  Ehh, it’s a tradition, so I guess it doesn’t matter how the food tastes.  We were able to share the meal with friends, so that helped us overlook the ambiance (or lack of) and taste.

After dinner the kids unwrapped their one present–always pajamas.  I got smart this year and left the waistband casings slightly open so I could make adjustments in the pants, if necessary.  It was necessary.  So everyone goes to bed wearing new jammies.  Even me this year, as Bill surprised me with the most awesome flannel, grandma nightgown ever.  I love it!  There will be pictures in the morning of us in our pajamed glory.

Everyone is bathed, fed, and ready for bed.  We’ll light our Advent candles, have our reading, and then check the NORAD radar for Santa’s current whereabouts.  I’m sure someone will set out cookies and milk for Santa.  There might even be someone who goes to check on the animals at midnight.  Don’t you know that animals are supposed to speak at midnight on Christmas Eve?  We’ll see.

Have a merry Christmas Eve!


2 Responses to “Christmas Eve Wrap-Up”

  1. Leta House Says:

    Julie, it’s so rewarding to “watch” you do your thing. I love the new jammies tradition. And, the granny gown reminds me of my first one; I bought it a year before I was married. It was a cold day, and I was on my way home. I went in some store by the creek on the street in Stayton that the bakery was on. There I saw it – the answer to my personal chill factor. I’ve loved them ever since. Smart gift, Bill.

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