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Barb Buttons January 31, 2011

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After all of these years, I finally got around to organizing the bag of buttons given to me by the infamous Grandma Barb.  We’ve deemed this collection, “Barb buttons.”  And we are so happy to have them.

Sorting, by color.


Finished product!


My favorites.


Weekend Excitement January 30, 2011

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Look what’s come to live at our house for a while. 

This is Jack’s dream come true.  Maybe Bill’s too.  I’m told that they already have two orders.  That should make them enough money to buy new blades and belts.  I’m also told that we can “build anything we want now.  For free!”  I wasn’t aware that we needed to build anything, but I’ll just choose to believe them.  Anyone need any lumber?


Favorite Things Friday January 28, 2011

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This is my favorite place for our family to gather.  Since our house is small, especially considering there are six people living in this space, it’s really the only area that will fit us all.  I’m glad that the windows let in plenty of light during the day.  We’ve filled the room with cozy chairs, an overstuffed sofa, and many pillows and blankets so there’s always a comfortable place to sit.  We keep baskets of books and magazines situated near every chair.  You’ll probably find a knitting bag somewhere in the mix too.  We have an overhead light to illuminate especially dark nights, but there are several lamps about the room to offer a more muted, soft light.   We gather in this room every evening to read the Bible (our plan is to read through in a year), talk, or spin a few records (courtesy of DJ Mom).  During the day, we might just sit in there to read or knit.  Some of us might even prefer this space for a nap.   This is a happy, comfortable spot that the whole family loves. 

Sofa and CB rocker.

Sarah, in her chair in the living room.


What We’re Doing This Week January 27, 2011

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in school, that is. 

Jon is learning to tell time, working on basic addition and subtraction, and deciding if a number is even or odd.  He is learning phonics word families, writing spelling (I use that term VERY loosely) words, and reading from the McGuffey Reader on Kindle.  He watches every documentary he can find about World War II and submarines.  He’s especially interested in the Bismarck.  First grade is full of fun stuff.

Jack, AKA "Mr. I Love School."


Jack is working on the area, perimeter, and volume of different shapes.  He’s also finishing up decimal, percentage, and fraction equations.  Definitely not his idea of fun.  He’s studying religions of the world and post-Roman Empire civilizations in history.  We’re reading a book of Celtic legends and we just started “Beowulf.” Darn that Grendl!  For science, he’s learning about classification of animals.  Add in piano and that sums it all up.  He’s also the go-to guy for any information about sawmilling.  If you’re interested in buying a mill, he can share his insight.  Many, many hours are spent watching sawmill tutorials (did you even know there was such a thing?) on youtube.  Some kids watch tv or play video games–Jack watches sawmill videos.

Madeline likes to do her schoolwork early(ish) in the morning.  Often in the dark–notice the shades still pulled down.  Her math work is mainly review and Algebra.  She’s not impressed by any of it.  History/Civics is currently about state governments.  I think specifically state judicial systems.  LOTS of writing and research involved in this Oak Meadow curriculum, so I am able to keep tabs on her composition and english progress by reviewing her papers.  I figure her blogging counts as creative writing?!  Science this week is studying light and lenses.  She is also studying French, music history, and accounting (Squid would be proud).  Oh, and there’s piano for her too.

Two out of three kids require almost constant attention (guess which two) while doing their work, so my mornings are pretty full.  Keeping Sarah occupied is a challenge but I keep her plied with playdough, coloring, and youtube videos while working with the boys.  In the end, it’s all good.


20 Months January 26, 2011

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Today Sarah turns 20 months old. Getting awfully close to 2.  Maybe a little too close for this Mama. 

 Sarah loves to sort laundry, naming each clothing articles owner as she sorts.  She is a climbing monkey who can jump, spin, and stomp on command.  Her vocabulary is growing daily.  She is a good eater whose favorite food is fried eggs.  Every morning she eats 1 fried egg (with a broken yolk) and one piece of toast with peach jam. 

Sarah is the best baby ever (sorry Mad.) and has even started asking to be put in her bed when she’s tired.  Seriously, she will let me rock with her for just a very few minutes and then say, “Bed?”.  She sleeps in her crib with her lambskin, called “cozy-cozy”, her stuffed elephant, and her taggie pillows.  She is an index finger-sucker, just like my sister was.

Sister Baby probably needs a haircut, as her fine, fuzzy hair is always flopping in her face.  And she won’t keep any ponytails or barrettes in place.  She does like to wear hats.  Sarah thinks that all buttons on clothing are “Barb buttons” referring to the ginormous bag of old buttons given to me by Grandma Barb many years ago. 

My little techy baby loves to “talk” on the phone, play with the Wii, and Skype on the computer.  She tries to touch and kiss the computer screen when Skyping.  Sometimes she’ll walk by the computer and say, “Call?”  and I don’t have the heart to ever tell her no.

I’m sure that there are plenty of obnoxious things that Sarah does that I’m forgetting.  But today, I will only think of the good things.  She is really such a sweet thing who is so contented and easy.  She fits into our family perfectly.

Showing her slippers.

Eating breakfast this morning.

Building with treeblocks.


Happy Neil Diamond’s 70th Birthday January 24, 2011

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Rock on, Neil.

Oh yes, he is, indeed, 70 years old today.  Can you believe it?!  We love our Neil around here and just finished a little impromptu Neil Diamond concert.  Might I suggest this one:


or maybe this one:


If only ALL 70 year olds could have the nerve to wear leather pants….  What a world this would be.


Homemade Magic Shell January 22, 2011

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Seriously, this is exactly like Magic Shell but without all the chemicals.

Melt 12 oz. (I used one bag of Ghirardelli 60 % chocolate chips) of good quality chocolate and 1/2 C. coconut oil together.  That’s it!  I will tell you that once it cools off it sets up rather solidly at room temperature.  Just pop it in the micro. or in a pan of hot water until it’s liquid again. 

I think this would make a great Valentine’s Day present.