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12 January 3, 2011

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What is there to say about 12?  Twelve is a hard age, I think.  Not quite old enough to be a teenager and not young enough to be a little kid anymore either.  Lots of changes happening that seem to leave you feeling a bit discombobulated.  We’ll try to understand you, 12, and extend lots of grace.

Jack was born on a VERY cold night.  We had a late Christmas celebration at my parent’s house the day before you were born, and I remember just feeling sort of “ick” while we were there.  At around 1:30 AM, I woke up feeling shaky and cold.  When I couldn’t get warm standing next to the wood stove I decided to take a hot shower.  Oops.  That got things going.  With the first contraction, I knew this was going to happen fast.  There was a harrowing car ride to the hospital (my little car went nearly 100 MPH) with me telling Bill, “You’d better go faster!”  Sure enough, Jack was born about 30 minutes after we arrived at the hospital.  Silly nurses didn’t believe me when I told them I was ready!  We had a little breathing problems from the start, but that was soon remedied, and you spent the next 6 months screaming. 

You were a good baby.  Nursed easily, slept okay during the day, but not at night.  We would rock you for hours to get you to sleep and as soon as we put you down, hello, those eyes would pop open and awake you’d be.  You liked to carry around rope and a length of chain once you learned to walk.  You also loved your little hammer (you called it “hom”) and you were fascinated by all trucks and machines.  Backhoe was your first real word. 

You were always a busy, industrious kid.  You liked to have some sort of project going:  either building something or creating something with “tightening loops.”  There was always string or rope hanging from your ceiling or bed.  Lincoln logs, legoes, and army guys were scattered everywhere.  You were interested in guns and logging machines.  You could play for hours with a piece of wood.  Still can.

You have a gentle heart, always thinking about how others can be hurt.  Maybe not including your brother……  You take the time to play with your baby sister, often times teaching her things that aren’t too cool.  (“Alright, who taught Sarah to say butt?”)  You are a hard worker, a planner, and a deep thinker.  We appreciate your uniqueness and love you all the more for it. 

Happy birthday, Jack!

Jack and Sarah swimming.


One Response to “12”

  1. Grandma Says:

    Jack is special and so much fun. We enjoyed spending so much time with him last summer. I want to cry every time I see the canoe.

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