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Oops. January 10, 2011

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I did something that I’ve never done before today.  Want to hear about it?

You see, I was going to bake a lemon meringue pie for dessert tonight.  Because this is my most favorite kind of pie, I’m sure I’ve made at least 200 hundred of them.   I planned for this.  Even made certain that my grocery list reflected this plan.  I waited until Sarah was down for a nap, the boys were watching a movie, and Madeline was busy knitting.  Then I started baking.  Everything went together with ease and in about 20 minutes, the pie was in the oven, browning the meringue.  Mmmm, it smelled good.  It looked good.  And then, after dinner, we sliced it up for dessert.

I knew immediately what was wrong.  Oh yes, I forgot to PREBAKE the crust.  So it was a little gooey.  It still tasted good.  Maybe I shouldn’t wait until things are quiet in the kitchen!


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