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They Learn Quickly! January 14, 2011

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So a friend has gotten me started on the CVS coupon thing.  Don’t know what that is?  Yeah, I’m not going to explain it in detail, but suffice it to say that you buy stuff, get money back, and then use the free money to buy other things.  There is a special trick to it in order to get the most free stuff but that’s for another post.  Last night, after my coupon/buying spree, I came home with 3 boxes of Lucky Charms cereal.  We NEVER have Lucky Charms, so this was definitely a treat.  I poured a small amount into a bowl and gave it to Sarah for a snack.  After a few minutes she came back with an empty bowl, asking for more.  (It’s so cute how she signs for more, more)  I fill her bowl up again and within a few minutes, she’s back with an empty bowl.  Hmmm, I think, she’s really hungry.  So I put some more cereal in the bowl and off she toddles. 

Several minutes later, Bill comes out of our room and tells me that I have to come see what she’s done.  Girl has taken the cereal, dumped it in a pile on the ground, eaten the marshmallows only, and then brought me the empty bowl.  Clever.

ETA:  Lucky Charms were a free item.  No money was spent purchasing crappy cereal.


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