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KINDLE January 16, 2011

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We succumbed to temptation and purchased a Kindle.  This decision was a serious undertaking for me.  I spent an afternoon hanging out at Best Buy, accosting shoppers who were looking at the e-reader displays.  I figured real people would give better answers to my questions that the dreaded “Geek Squad.”  Those guys really should be called the “Worthless, Uninformative, Unhelpful Squad.”  After much deliberation we decided on the Kindle.  It was cheaper than all the others too.  Yay.

We love books here at our house, so I was a bit concerned that an e-reader would not give us that same “book feel” that book people enjoy.  I love to hold a book, turn its pages, pack one around with me, use bookmarks.  I was afraid that I might miss it all. 

So far, we’re loving it!  I’ve found tons of free or almost free books to download.  There is truly something for everyone.  Even though we love our library, they don’t have many of the books the kids need for school.  I can pay $3 each for a book to be sent from the VA state library, but I only get to keep it for 2 weeks.  Not really an option since some of the books need to be used for the entire year!  Buying a used book from half.com is an option, but then I still have to store those books somewhere.  As it is now, my bookcases are overflowing.  That’s where the Kindle comes into play.  I can find nearly every book that we need, pay a small amount for it, and then NOT have to store it anywhere.  Jeez,  with most of the books we can even utilize the word-to-speech option and pretend we have an audio book!  If it’s a book several of us want to read, the darn thing keeps track of our separate places.  There is also an option to change the font size so those of us with eyesight challenges can make the writing MUCH larger.  The reader can change word spacing length, choose a different font, turn pages from either side, and hold the Kindle both horizontally and vertically.  Seriously, it’s pretty amazing. 

The negatives:  I don’t like to use it with a reading light at night.  At least not any of the reading lights I have.  I think it works much better in daylight or bright, overhead light.  That’s the only negative, so far.

 We’re excited about this new gadget.  I am a totally untechy sort of a girl, but I love this thing and suggest it for anyone who loves to read. 

Kids in caves. Nothing to do with a Kindle. I need to post pictures of our trip to Winchester still.


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